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Know The Signs Of Sewage Line Trouble

It’s only a matter of time until most households require the services of a plumber to investigate a clog or blockage in a drain or sewage line.

Your house relies on a single sewer line to carry wastewater away from your appliances and plumbing fixtures. A clogged or blocked sewer line brings normal household activities to an immediate standstill. That is why it is essential to know the signs of a sewer line issue and take steps to address it promptly. If you think you may have a problem with your sewer line in Los Angeles contact JMS Express Plumbing for a prompt professional inspection.

Sewage Clogs Back-Ups and Leaks

Sewer line clogs and leaks typically cause problems that affect the plumbing in your home. You can’t wash clothes, take a bath, or do the dishes. You get the picture. You need to take care of this immediately. When a clog blocks the sewer line, little or no water can be flushed down the line and away from your plumbing system, resulting in sewage backups that can range from minor to severe.

Toilets are often the first fixtures affected, as their drains lead directly to your home’s sewer line—you may notice bubbling or gurgling in your toilets, even when you are using a sink or a shower. Additionally, you may experience slow tub, sink, and shower drains, or water backups into tubs and showers that increase in frequency and severity with time.

If a sewer line clog becomes extensive or compacted, it can halt water drainage from your home entirely, causing any water that goes down your drains to back up into the various plumbing systems of your home, resulting in widespread problems.

Nasty Smells

Your sewage needs to flow unimpeded to the main line on the street. When there is a blockage it can’t flush through your drain line properly. It can linger in your plumbing and your sewer lines sometimes emitting a nasty odor.
Sewer line breaks can also leak untreated sewage into your yard, which can cause the same raw sewage smell on the exterior of your property as well.

Standing Water

Sewer line breaks can also cause visible standing water or pervasive soggy areas in your yard as the leak releases water into the surrounding soil and saturates it.
They always say that the grass is greenest over the septic tank and so it is with a broken or leaking sewer line. Increased water flow from a leak can lead to accelerated foliage on your property indicating where the leak is.

Invasive Tree Roots

Clogs and invasive tree roots are two of the most common causes of home sewer line problems. If you have an older home on a tree-lined street you know what I am talking about.

Most homes built before the 1960s used vitreous clay for their main sewer lines. Tree roots can penetrate weak areas of the clay and grow large enough to cause the pipe to break or collapse.

JMS Express Plumbing has the fast, simple solutions needed to clear out sewer line clogs and repair-damaged pipes without affecting your yard or your landscaping.