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Spring Plumbing Tips

Spring is here again and its time to check the house for damage that may have occurred over the winter. Plumbing is an area that should be at the top of your priorities. Make sure that everything connected to your kitchen, bathrooms; appliances are in good working order.

Here are some handy tips from JMS Express Plumbing to help guide you through that process:

Kitchen’s & Bathrooms

  • Drips and leaks are common. Makes sure you check below the sinks to make sure all the fittings are tightened.
  • Make sure your toilet isn’t leaking. It’s easy to check. Just add a dash of food coloring to the toilet tank. If the color makes its presence felt in the bowl within 20-30 minutes your toilet is leaking.
  • Make sure the toilet is flushing in an efficient manner. You shouldn’t have to hold the flush handle or adjust it to achieve a uniform water flow. If that is happening you probably need to invest in some new tank parts.
  • Give your all your valves, especially the ones under the sink a good inspection. Give the a shot of WD-40 to ward off corrosion to keep them working smoothly.
  • Using a drain strainer and not throwing grease down your drains are no brainers in effort to keep your sewer pipes and drains clog free.

Appliances, Cooling & Heating

  • The internal shell of a hot water heater is susceptible to corrosion because of clinging sediments that are generally deposited at the bottom of the device. These deposits reduce the energy efficiency and the general effectiveness of the heater. Draining out some volume of water to clean and flush away most of the sediments.
  • Make sure the temperature is set correctly on your water heater. It should never be north of 120 degrees.
  • Take a look behind your appliances to see what is going on.
  • Leaks can happen in a dishwasher’s connections and washing machine hoses. Take a look behind your appliances to see what is going on. Don’t forget to clean the lint trap in the dryer and make sure the vent is clear.
  • Get your air conditioner serviced. A smooth running HVAC system will save you money.

Outside & In The Basement

  • Check your hose bibs. Make sure winter didn’t leave leaks and cracks. If there is a problem call an experienced plumber such as JMS Express Plumbing to come and check it out.
  • If you have a basement you probably have a sump pump. You never really think about them until they stop working and allow your basement to be flooded.  Make sure you have a fully charged back up.
  • Use flood alarms. Place these inexpensive battery operated sensors around drains and sump pumps. They can save you thousands of dollars.
  • Check the gutters, yard drains, and downspouts. Make sure everything is clog free and clean. Problems in this area can lead to flooded basements and property damage.
  • Call your plumber for a spring check up. If you live in the Los Angeles area call JMS Express Plumbing. An experienced plumber can recognize problems in advance and save you thousands of dollars in repairs.