JMS Express Plumbing is located in Van Nuys and provides quality plumbing services to residents of Santa Monica. We specialize in working with luxury kitchens and bathrooms. We are the Santa Monica plumbing experts. JMS Express Plumbing has plumbing teams based out of Santa Monica.

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We can handle all of your plumbing problems including the installation of appliances, whirlpools tubs, luxury showers and multiple pedestal sinks. We are Santa Monica kitchen experts. We can work with any size space to make it more efficient

When remodeling the kitchen and bathrooms within your home, the services available at JMS Express Plumbing can help you save thousands of dollars. We have the capabilities to design your new room around existing plumbing layouts that are already completed. Not having to reinstall plumbing input and drainage lines prevent many accidents from occurring such as broken pipes that will create havoc behind the walls and under the floors of your home.

We design everything we do to be energy efficient. Tankless hot water systems and energy saving hot water tanks are just a few options that you can choose from to help lower your overall home utility expenses and energy consumption. You will notice a big difference immediately within your home once these features are in operation.

We also can protect your homes foundation by installing french drains. These drains are designed to be installed around the exterior of your home to help with flooding or landslide issues. 

JMS  Express Plumbing division is ready to tackle any job for you. Whether it’s leak location, repair or even pipe replacement, JMS Express Plumbing  does it all, so call today!


We have been serving the plumbing needs of the Santa Monica area for over a decade. Our customers trust us and know that we will arrive on time and provide professional service.


Plumbing emergencies happen and they usually happen at the worst possible time. That is why you can always count on JMS Express Plumbing to be there during your time of need.


We are experts at sewer line and drain repair. We have the latest diagnostic equipment to help do the job quickly and affordably.


There is seldom a need to dig up you landscaping, driveways, and sidewalks. We offer trenchless sewer repair and replacement which allows us to attack the problem underground without disturbing your investment on the surface.


You can’t live without hot water. We install and repair water heaters in Santa Monica every single day. Ask us about the efficiency of replacing your traditional water heater with a tankless water heater.


A water leak in your home or business is dangerous. The sooner you get it fixed the better. Our Santa Monica leak detection teams can get to the root of the problem quickly and solve your liquid problems.


Did you know that you plumber is who you call to take care and maintain your gas mains? Trust us to find and repair leaks before they become a dangerous problem.


We are quipped to handle the smallest to to the largest plumbing problems for single family homes and commercial buildings in the Santa Monica. We can handle any size plumbing job. Ask about our special Santa Monica restaurants rates for regular service and maintenance.


Clogged or slow running pipes are never fun to deal with. We’re the Santa Monica drain cleaning company you can count on to get your pipes fixed up in no time. Whether you’ve filled your sink with starches you weren’t supposed to, or you’ve got an errant toy has fallen into your toilet drain, we have the tools to safely and quickly remove clogs, snake your drains, and leave your home even cleaner than we found it.


It is only matter of time until your drains and sewers get backs up because of tree roots and other debris. We provide Santa Monica rooter services to residential homes and commercial buildings. We take care of the problem easily, affordably and efficiently without having to dig up backyards, paving and landscaping.


Is your garbage disposal broken or jammed?  Call JMS Express Plumbing for quick repair or replacement. We love to do quick repairs and can have your Santa Monica household back to normal in no time.


Don’t you hate that drip, drip, drip! We have no problem taking care of that for you either. We can take care of the kitchen and bathroom sink in no time flat. If the faucet can’t be repaired we can replace with a new unit of your choice.

Whatever the job is, big or small, you can count on JMS Express Plumbing to take care of your Santa Monica plumbing needs.